Maintaining an environment fostering creative thinking, strategic planning and productivity can be a challenge. Our network of professionally staffed, superbly located and managed warehousing facilitates the effective and efficient storage and distribution of your valuable property.[



Whether your business plan includes opening a new office, downsizing, adding products or redecorating, we have dedicated space and systems devoted to helping you manage your assets.

That includes more than 35,000 sq ft of clean, well-lit, climate controlled warehousing with covered loading bays, asset tagging and fire suppression systems, all of which are designed and constantly evaluated to ensure that once your goods arrive with us they are in the best possible hands.


We’re successful because we believe one thing really matters – that we’re constantly visible and available to our clients and on hand whatever the requirement or regardless of the challenge.

Inventory accuracy

Taking care of even the smallest detail can reflect – and impact – on productivity and financial performance. When it comes to warehousing, our inventory services are not simply accurate, they’re designed to ensure your business runs smoothly through any change, and that your management has access to reliable, informative data.

24 hour real-time on line stock tracking

RFS, in partnership with our IT Company have developed a real time stock tracking system that gives you, via your PC/tablet or smart phone, up to the minute access  to your stored products, or how receipt of deliveries into our warehouses are progressing.

As with all business demands, it can be time consuming getting the information you require to function effectively  – using our tracking system saves you valuable time onsite as well as offering complete peace of mind.

Think of what we offer in the area of warehousing as taking care of just one more thing, so you can get on with running your business.

Everything you could need for managing valuable assets, no matter how simple or complicated, expansive or self-contained, whatever the requirement, whether it’s stocktaking, packing for export, online tracking or long-term storage. RFS have the solution.