No two days are the same for RFS’s Paul Warner

In today’s busy world, good organisation is vital. That’s why it’s vital for us here at RFS to have people in place that know how to manage schedules and keep projects on track. Paul Warner from our Scheduling Team is one of those people, and we caught up with him to find out about his role and what it’s like working at RFS. 

Q: How long have you been working at RFS, and what attracted you to the company? 

I’ve been working for RFS for nearly seven years. I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and have known Jerry (Jerry Dean, RFS Co-Managing Director) for most of that time. That’s really what drew me to the company. 

Q: Can you tell us a little about your role? 

I look after scheduling and the day-to-day management of all the guys, the vehicles, the contractors and anything else to do with the general running of all jobs. I also deal with any problems we might face on a project, such as sourcing additional manpower. I handle everything related to a job from start to finish, everything from a project management and timing point of view. 

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your role at RFS? 

Every day is different; no two days are the same. I like that you never know what the day is going to bring, it makes things interesting!

Q: Can you tell us a little about your team and what it’s like working with them?

I’ve known a lot of the team for a long time, so I’m fully aware of the wealth of experience they bring to the table. It’s brilliant knowing that we can pretty much deal with anything that comes our way because of the knowledge, skills and experience of the guys on the team. 

Q: How do you think your teammates would describe you? 

That’s a hard question! I think they would say that I’m quite particular about what I do; I would hope that they have the same respect for me as I have for them, and I’d like to think they’d say I was fun to work with! 

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